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7!DEAS Agencia
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NEW 7!DEAS PROJECT: Juni 23, 2020

Salitos Pink & Ice Launch

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

  • Client


Open Project

Salitos Pink
7!DEAS has produced studio footage for Salitos ‚SUMMER FLAVOR Salitos Pink‘. To offer the viewer the feeling of paradisiacal scenery, unique commercials were produced on Mallorca for the social media channels of Salitos. The aim here was to use special lenses to provide a different, new view of the product and to present it in a unique way.

Salitos Ice
7!DEAS collaborated with influencer @kimlamarin for the relaunch of Salitos Ice. On Mallorca, 7!DEAS produced one of two spots for the relaunch with a new recipe of Salitos Ice.